Some Old College Projects

This is my old project when i was in college. It’s a PC-RPG game. I don’t intend to port it to NDS since it’ll take a lot of time.  This game was made by me and my friends from college. This game uses allegro library for rendering and FMOD for sounds.

Btw, I don’t have license for using the resources cause it’s just some college project.

Here is the link:



This RPG game is my school project. This game was made by me and my friends from college. This game uses allegro library for rendering and FMOD for sounds. The game maybe buggy, we didn’t have much time to check it.

Btw, E2A stands for “Erick”,”Eka”,”Aji” <– the last name is my nick name. 2 Months is really short :)

Latest progress

There are a lot of progress done in these 2 months and i just added more things in my to-do list now. I’m planning to make a 3D engine that will be  compatible with libnds- devkitpro (atm i dunno how to do it, but I’ll ask some people to guide me how it can be done).

Why a 3D engine? Well, I’m thinking of make a bigger project than what you’ve seen now  and actually the 3D engine it self will help my self to complete this game.

For beta version ,  i’m planning to release it before Christmas this year.. I’ll need a lot of help for beta testing and to provide me  feedback  about the game.

latest progress

It’s been a long time since the last post.. I’m still making the game…  it’s still far from complete XD…

Here is some progress on my kart game:


There are 6 items in total, they are:

  • Missile – it will be guided into enemy position
  • Shield – it will protect the player from enemy’s attack
  • Banana peel –  a trap to slow down other player
  • Lightning ball – it’s a super weapon.  it’ll follow the track to chase the 1st and will attack the players on its track
  • Cannon – it’ll move straight
  • Nitro – boost player speed

Star is special, it’s not treated as item . You need to collect it to boost your weapon effect. (I got this idea from crash ctr)… A player can hold up to 20 stars, and he just need 10 of them to make his weapon in super form..

CHOOSE MENU – choose your character, karts and map

you can choose one of eight characters in the game…


just some gameplay screenshots

And the view from above:

it still far from complete…  because i still have to do:

  • 10 maps – My game will have 10 maps in total (only 1 done)
  • 8 characters – all done (8 characters and each character has 3 frames – move left, center and right)
  • 3 karts – player can choose one of three karts (only 1 done)
  • 6 items – missile, cannon, banana
  • logo editor (80% complete)
  • load save (30% complete)
  • FSM AI – currently, there are only 2 states, they are move state and find path (basic track AI)..I need something like dodging , item finder, and attacker AI
  • collision detection.So far I use sphere-sphere collision to check player, item, trap and waypoint collision. I use something like bitmap collision detection to check collision between players and map…
  • Multiplayer

Today progress

Today, I’m playing FFIV on my DS.. It’s maybe the game with the best graphic possible for DS.. I thought Kingdom heart was the best on graphic, but after playing FFIV, I found out the texture mapping in FFIV is better than Kingdom Heart 358..

Hmm.. compared to those commercial games, My game won’t be as good as them but I’m still keep on trying and learning something new. Yesterday evening, I designed a few classes like player and map, and put all parts in my game together. It was a bit tiring, because I was putting my project separetely, such as menu and gameplay in different project. So I have to put them together now.

My project didn’t use NitroFS before, but now I’m using it. By using NitroFS, I can make my game size larger than 4 MB, and my coding is a lot better because not all resources loaded to RAM. With nitroFS, I just have to load resources that I need for the current menu class and I can manage my resources file in the proper folder.

Hoaammmm… It’s 5.54 AM now… I need to get some sleep..
Tomorrow (hmm… it’s not tomorrow, it’s today.. LOL :) ), I’m going to learn AI and it’s implementation in racing game.. I read brian schwab book, the title is “AI Game Engine Programming”. The author wrote about AI for racing, the Finite State Machine (FSM), so I’m going to learn it and implement it on my DS game… So good nite everyone..

3DS max modelling (part 3)

15. Result (still not final result.. mada mada dane!! <- from echizen anime series means long long way to go)

Well you can see the frog here.. (left) but the render in scene also show the shadow.. If you want to turn off the shadow of this object, you need to right click and then choose object properties.. and then only let “vertex channel display” on and turn off the rest option..

If you do it correctly, you’ll see the result like this:

Well.. That’s all I can explain.. next time I’ll explain how to reshape it .. I want to reshape it into 12 position, it’s called keyframe animation if I’m not mistaken..

BTW, I realized this blogging bug now.. I can’t post a long one.. so I really have to divide it…

3DS max modeling (part 2)

I really hate to say this, but this blogging tool full of BUGS! well, just continue:

7. Fill the hole by put some faces.. you can do it by extrude some edges and then wield those edges to fill the holes…

8. Delete some vertex (for mirroring the object later)

9. Add “head”, you can do it by delete faces around the neck, go to edge view and then extrude those poly upperward. in step 3 you’ll see a very long neck that you have to reshape in step 4-8.. I only use resize and move tool…

10. Delete unseen faces… try to optimize the object.. your DS can’t render all the face..  Don’t rely to much on cull_back option.. first, you have to optimize your model by your self.. In my case I delete these faces (as seen in picture no 2).. because I create a character that will drive a kart so those faces won’t be seen.. And I forgot to mention it, DS can only render 2048 poly.. In this tutor in only use around 150-200 poly.. and in the actual game, DS render all my track and these model around 1000-1200 poly using back culling…still far from 2048..

11. Mirroring the model to get a complete model

1.First, choose “mirror” from modifier list..

2.tick on “copy” and “x”

3. collapse all

4. Just YES

5-6.Select the vertices on the center of body, and then wield them..

12 UVW mapping

Well, I’m not an expert on this.. I’m still a newbie.. so I use unwarp UVW.. I’ve seen a tutorial in youtube before, it’s pelt mapping.. It looks easier than this modifier.. I spent about 3-4 hour to mapping the texture using unwarp UVW and rearrange the faces.. Sorry I can’t explain much about this.. it’s really a long process… you can see the result in pict no 4.

13. Drawing in Photoshop..

well, after you mapped the model, you can export the image.. And in photoshop you just need to open that image and then draw it like this:

14.  Open material editor in 3DS max

open material editor and then choose “Diffuse” and select bitmap

.. well let’s continue to part 3….

3DS max modeling (part1)

Well, it’s not really a tutorial.. it’s more likely a screenshot of the process with brief explanation… Sorry if I’m not a great instructor.. because basicly I’m a programmer with designing skill.. not a designer with programming skill.. :)

I have to divide it into parts.. because of blogging bug…!! I hate this…

1. Open your 3DS max.. I use 3DS max 9…

3DS max

2. Box Modelling.. Box modelling is the basic modelling where you create an object from box shape

Box modelling

3. Convert it to polygon edit


4. Reshape it.. make it a torso

5. Change the rendering view

6.  Add Arm

First delete some face by change it first to editable mesh.. select the face and delete it.. and after that you can add arm by extrude it in edge mode… extrude and resize it repeatly…

let’s continue to part 2:

My racing game progress

I’m busy with wacom+photoshop recently, i’m making my characters for the game, here they are:

The monkey - I forgot his name… LOL.. , it’s in my notebook and I’m using PC while writing here…

i forgot his name..

Bartus, The Frog- I almost forgot his name… because I use name generator…

i forgot his name

The Duck- I forgot his name…

forgot his name

Justin - The magician Bunny

Blitz – the protagonist.. (there’s no way i could forget his name LOL)

Daisy – Blitz’s sister, she’s trapped along with blitz in Animalia world.. well, I spoil abit about the story line.. well you can guess

Another forgettable name - The penguin

Marshall D Lion – LOL.. another D bearer (remember one piece??).. No no.. I’m not copying one piece.. I just take his “D”..

Marshall D Lion

I put my name in every picture to protect them.. I don’t want other people us it for their game…

They are playable character.. there’s one NPC boss…  but It still in design…. Btw, here’s the complete list of playable character:

All character

All character


Nitrofs is a file system that allow you to append your data file inside .nds file. Here’s my example how to load sprite and palette from nitrofolder ->


Hi everyone,
This is my first post in my DS devoping blog. My name is Assaji Tjahjadi, from Indonesia. I’m male 21 yo and currently studying Computer Science. I’m interested to make a DS development blog, so I can share my knowledge and experience although I’m still a newbie.

My skill in balanced in design and programming, so I’ll share my view about both of them in my DS development blog. I can use photoshop, 3DS max, corel, flash and etc, and for programming I’m intermediate in C++ and advanced in delphi.

I’m making a 3D multiplayer racing kart game in DS for my final project. It still far for complete, but I want to make it as good as mario kart (my target is to score about 75% from it).

My english is just so-so, so please try understand me XD